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let’s speak out for all the children in the world, so that they can have a better and quality education no matter which kind of environment they are in, so let’s speak out for the right to education for every child.
This is because every child counts,but why is it so hard for some parent to atleast provide his/her child the gift of having an education for a better future.


As we push foward the right to education for every child in our Nations, we should know that the number of schooling children is lower than the number of those who don’t attend school, so as we cellebrate the ‘Day of the African Child’ on the 16th of june 2014, we need to know how we can make it for the children so that every child can enjoy the right to education.
Universal Education can realy help the children if it is being taken as a basic education system that can realy help the children in rural communities and those who come from poor families because education does not discriminate, that’s why every child deserves it though living with disabilities.
Every child is important to the future of our Nations because a well educated child benefits the community thus developing the Nation.

The Right to Education For Every Child.